Getting Started

We have 3 options To Get the Process Started

First, please fill out this online liability waiver.  Our waiver is integrated with our member management system and completing the online form gets you well on your way administratively for whichever option fits your situation!

Free Intro Class

This is traditionally for our first timers.  This includes those new to CrossFit or those that have been doing it for less than 2 months. (Free Session Convert to Lead Link)

What Happens in the Free Session?

  • We go through a brief but thorough explanation about what CrossFit is.
  • We will run you through our Level 1 Baseline workout of the day (WOD)
  • Then we will cover the various membership options and review how you can get started.


Schedule your 3 Session Essentials Program

What is Essentials?

The Essentials program is a structured program that includes terminology, movements, and concepts that are foundational to CrossFit.  Completing this program will ensure you are prepared to fully participate in our CrossFit classes in a safe and productive manner.

  • The program consists of three 1 hour long private sessions done with a Reebok CrossFit Coach
  • We teach the proper form and mechanics of basic barbell movements and other movements commonly seen in a class setting.  These include Squat, Deadlift, and Pressing variations (barbell movements), as well as basic gymnastic moves.
  • We also educate athletes on appropriate frequencies of training, nutrition, and rest and recovery.

Test Out Option

The Test-Out option is not intended to challenge the athlete.  Instead, this is an opportunity to demonstrate a fundamental working knowledge of the terminology and foundational movements of CrossFit.  If you are coming from another gym and feel like you are experienced enough to bypass the On-Ramp class we can schedule a session with one of our coaches for a test out option.