Additional Services Offered

Private Coaching

We also offer private one-on-one coaching sessions in 30 minute increments for $40/session.  Whether you are fresh out of essentials or a more seasoned athlete looking for a little extra help with the more complex Olympic Lifts we are here to help.  Private sessions can be a valuable service that you have at your disposal.  One of our coaches will work with you individually to help provide progressions and homework for more targeted weaknesses.  This is a great way to fast track your progress.

Nutritional Coaching

We will provide a step by step system to help educate you on the quality and quantity of your food consumption.  We use our member management software (WODIFY) as a means to track daily consumption and provide a platform for your coach to make corrections and suggestions in your daily choices.  Nutritional coaching is a month to month process as each athlete requires a different level of accountability.  One month with the nutrition coach is $39.99.  We strongly recommend adding the body comp analysis as an initial baseline measurement.  Our body comp testing is done through ultrasound which has a much higher reliability and accuracy of measurements.  There is a separate cost of $50 for this test.  We recommend retesting 2-3 months after your initials assessment.